Positive Feedback

Please give all glory to God for using this website in people’s lives.

I am not sure this is the right avenue to express my deepest thanks but ill try anyway. I was watching Sam Harris talk about belief (to cut a long story short) it really shook me up, like to the bone, i prayed for 3 days straight, my faith and reason in god seemed to disspear because of my own faults, but none the less i was extreemly upset, in fact words cant describe how i felt. I have been a christain for 6 years now and in the blink of an eye i felt that my soul had died. I spoke to christain believers who i trust deeply, they helped me very much, but as i was reading your website it seemed to resolve issues i had since i began on my journy in christ. I honistly feel it was like your voice desended from god him self, i cant thank you enuough for what you have done for me. Truly you have helped change my life, one of the major changes for me is my new found desire to read the bible, i dont know why but the way u used it to back up your points made me realise that i should be reading it more. I have seen this alot of course but some how when i read it on your site it reacted differently with my heart.

Thanks very much

~ I.G.

One of the most profound statements I’ve ever heard you make was this (or something like it) We go to church and read the scriptures and believe, with tears in our eyes, when it says that nothing can separate us from the love of God. However as soon as an unbeliever challenges us, we don’t hesitate to say ‘well, I could be wrong” It’s as if we are putting our faith on a bet, kind of like the horrendous pascalian wager. I’ve never really thought about how insulting it is to God to have this attitude, it does not glorifies God.


You are one of the few folks whom God has used in my life to help reveal to me and instill in me a love for the clarity, simplicity and truth of God’s word. God bless you, brother.

~ M.K.

I love your website!  I tried to get my “agnostic” ex boyfriend to follow the instructions and he couldn’t figure out why he ended up at the Disney page.  Oh well.

~ C.W.

I can’t express how awesome those steps were and i wanted to thank you for making that website and showing the world that god exists i’m going to try and get all of my atheist friends to look at it and take the 8 steps.

~ K.M.

I’m from Mexico and I have been watching and listening to your multimedia page from your website. I just want to let you know that it has been a true blessing, I had done things the wrong way by trying to prove the existence of God with evidence. I asked Jesus for forgiveness for sinning even without knowing I was doing it wrong. Please keep posting all the awesome debates, I now understand that the unbeliever or “supressor of the truth” has no way of defending their worldview. I need to ask you if you ever plan to have your material translated so that I can show it to my brothers at church. I know they would all love them. I have been talking to them about this, but my church is quite large and it would take me forever to talk to each and one of them, because the big majority doesn’t speak english. Keep it up man! Que Dios te bendiga! (God bless you)

~ A.Z.

After listening to your teachings on basic presub material (even though I already know it) you do it in such a way that I find special and different compared to how I ever would teach it. You remind me of how serious certainty and consistency needs to be followed with the Church and even for myself…

I probably told you a few times already but I hope you still accept the compliments but your debates are so enjoying that they make me laugh. You point out the foolishness of the unbelievers in a calm and simple way. I stayed up until 3 in the morning listening to much of your material on my Ipod. My friend of mine says he understands presuppositionalism way better after hearing you. God bless. I encourage you to keep going. 🙂

~ B.R.

I just wanted to say thank you for all you do by educating Christians on presuppositional apologetics. Because of you I’m constantly asking people at my college and work if they believe in God. You have helped me reach people who I never thought would listen to the gospel plan. It’s amazing when you expose their world view and show them that Christ is the only source of knowledge how many of them come to repentance. Sadly many become “willingly ignorant” just like the Scripture says and reject the truth. I’m praying that your ministry will be able to reach many more Christians and unbelievers so the world will see revival like never before.

~ B.P.

I can’t thank God enough for the work He is doing through your ministry! I’ve gotten a new sense of boldness (that’s even strengthened my faith and willingness to share it even more than before]. I have known about Romans 1, but I really needed you to drill it in my head [indirectly through YouTube), and all its implications (I watched your 3-part lecture)! I have felt unsettled about the cerebral cloudiness that apologetics can bring without the presuppositional aspect, and it’s a huge breath of fresh air to understand how to use it biblically, not simply walking out on a ledge with it as I drop my Bible (in the fear of man) overboard!

“Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.'”

What a joyous thing. Thank you!

~ L.B.

I appreciate the work your doing, it is coming at a time that is needed for me with some family issues I’m dealing with.

~ B.H.

The wisdom God has revealed to you is amazing and humbling. Your ministry has increased my faith in many ways within the past couple days since I was referred to you by my Uncle; you are certainly producing fruit in my life, thank you for being steadfast to the ministering of the Word in all truth and Spirit. God receives all this glory, no doubt. Hope I didn’t inflate you too much :p God bless you, brother.

~ T.B.

I now use the presupp. approach on my good friend (agnostic) and my brother-in-law (evolutionist). They both said “what you’re saying is scaring me”. I replied “It’s scaring you because you know it’s true.” My brother puffed his smoke, went silent for 15 seconds and said “you’re right…you’re right. I am suppressing the truth…damn.” 3 months later (yesterday) I just found out he accepted Jesus!!! As for my friend, he told me last week he purchased A Bible and has been attending church for a month!!!! Gods word is powerful!!!

~ D.K.

I found your website about a year ago and than heard you on unbelievable. You have been very helpful to me and Ive shared your work with several friends- thank you brother

~ W.D.

Hi Sye. I really appreciate what you do. Thanks.

~ M.M.

Hey Sye, I just wanted to praise God for your ministry and the work that you’re doing. You’re lectures on YouTube and the subsequent viewing of your street evangelism videos have opened my eyes and gave me my first doses of presuppositional apologetics. I have since bought Always Ready by Bahnsen, and although I haven’t finished it yet, am extremely encouraged. I just had one question: I have a friend who absolutely loves William Lane Craig and keeps inferring that offering people historical proves of the resurrection have a place in evangelism. What do you think? What do I tell him? He quotes Van Til and says even Van Til is for it (still need to read that). What do I tell him? Thanks brother, I know you’re really busy! I pray for you, Tony Miano, and all of my brothers and sisters out there faithfully, unapologetically, uncompromisingly proclaiming Christ. Peace brother.

~ J.E.

I just wanted to say, I truly enjoy your site. You have a great way of dismantling the atheist argument.

~ J.W.

I’ve always thought I was a true believer, but I recently found out that my older brother, who is kind of a role model to me, is atheist, which made start to question my beliefs, and I would try to prevent that with apologetic answers. Then I found your site, which showed what being a true believer is, and showed me that true arguments that God exists are unarguably true, and are as solid and universal as the laws of mathematics, science, and logic. Thank you so much!

~ E.S.

I am thankful for you brother, and for your contritbution to the Way. Your site was very interesting and seemed to be totally on point. I like your humble approach as well. And the way you explain things in such a simple way. Good job.

~ D.H.

Your web site really helped me this morning. I am a strong Christian but very recently, I purchased some reading material (sight unseen)that I thought was going to help me with business dealings. Unknown to me until I glanced through the readings, a major under pinning of the materials was atheism. I skimmed some of the material but it still shook me up. Your eight steps to logically prove God’s existence really helped! I belong to Jesus today and always, but at times we do have to weather spiritual assaults.

~ J.G.

Just wanted to say thank you for putting this site together. I have always been a man of rationality (well, what I thought was rationality) and have denied God for the past seven years or so. Your website helped me logically understand how God exists like no one else has ever been able to do. I now feel confident in acknowledging God and improving my relationship with Him.

~ N.P.

Being a teenager, I find the bible a bit hard to understand. And, (regrettably) I started to doubt the exsistance of god. I thank you for helping me. God bless. I’m glad you helped me keep my faith.

~ M.R.

Wow. I congratulate on your site, it is very logical and easy to follow, my faith has been backed up with your points.

~ L.F.

I am a 17 year old guy living in a small town in ******** and I would like to say thank you for your website. I had been raised a Christian but sometimes questioned him. Your site answered all the questions I had and my faith has been restored. I have now took it upon myself to spread his word to my friends and I have you and your site to thank for it.

~ G.H.

It is true that to tell God to prove His existence to me would be ludicrous, yet that is exactly what I demanded He do. I so desperately wanted to believe, but I was afraid to look stupid to my fellow man if I turned out to be wrong. Yes, I see the ridiculousness of that now. Thankfully, God is kind and good and will forgive me when I get on my knees and beg His forgiveness. Your site has helped me see and understand. Thank you.

~ H.C.

For some time now, I’ve wondered how we could use logic and reasoning to understand and acknowledge God’s existance. I’ve thoroughly read the contents of your site, and I have gained a lot of confidence in my beliefs. The bible makes much more sense now and I’m in a more comfortable position now than I ever have been. I’ll continue to read my bible, as always. Thank you, sir, and keep up the good work!..

~ B.C.

Wow…this is a really well done site (meaning that it is clear and easy to follow.)…Outside of your site, I have not found many sites that as easily demonstrate presuppositional apologetics.

~ J.E.

Thank you for your website and the work you put into it. It was just the thing I needed at a time when the Atheist message was just starting to make sense to me. Thanks for getting me back on track.

~ G.B.

I really LOVE your website. It really helped me with a friend I had.

~ E.H.

Hello my name is g*** and im 20 years old and I just wanted to tell you that ive read your entire website and it has given me more faith and more comfort to know God is there. Recently I have been terrified at the thought of death and wondering if there is a Heaven and God. I defintely need some more strengthening in my faith..but your website was a great start for me and i just wanted to thank you in case you read this.
P.S. your answers to the people who had negative feedback were excellent. =)

~ G.

I just love your web site, it is a wealth of information for believers and unbelievers alike.

~ S.M.

Heh, thank you ..your site is both challenging and humble ..I Love it…..and am pleased you’re happy I used it…Have had some good response from it too!

~ Y.D.

I just want to thank you for your work on this awesome site. I teach presuppositional apologetics to the teens in my youth group. I discovered your site today and I’m sure it will be a treasure of a resource for years to come. Thanks so much for your faithfulness. I praise the Lord for this resource you’ve created!

~ L.C.

Thank you so much for this website!!! I believed in God before but had a few questions. U answered them. THANK YOU!!!

~ K.C.

Hello there! I was recently trying to prove to a friend that God exists, and well… I went on Google and found your site. When I was on it, I was amazed at all the information that nobody else could offer. Thanks for your website, and God bless you.

~ A.

Thankyou so much for putting this website up to allow me to understand what my parents have tried to teach methrough many years. I am now 16 and didnt understand how God can exist, but I think i believe now. =) much thanks.

~ C.D.

I have been reading your comments on Ray Comfort’s blog for some time now, so I thought I would swing by and check out your website. All I can say is ….WOW!! I truly appreciate all your hard work and sacrifice for our Master. I have saved your site to my “Favorites” and I’m sure I’ll visit it often. God Bless You!!

~ M.V.

Awesome site. I have struggled since my teens on how to come to a point of not suppressing the truth about God and Jesus. I have thought long and hard about most of the questions you have presented here. There are still some that I would like answers to, but (to paraphrase Ravi Zacharias) at least my fundamental questions are answered and my peripheral are not. That is enough for me right now. I’m sure that my willingness to surrender my doubts over to a loving God will open my eyes to even more of His Truths.

~ N.M.

Really enjoyed your site; I’m taking an apologetics class at my church and find your presentation very succinct and refreshing.

~ J.G.

Delighted with your site.

~ T.L.

I truly enjoy websites such as yours that is doing some good for people around the world. I will always follow Him, and thank you for your website.

~ L.

I would just like to say that your website has been a great help for me to define my views on my beliefs.

~ L.S.

Thank you for putting together your site. I really appreciate the challenge to my faith and confirmation of my faith that if produced. You’re right “God does not need anyone, let alone this website, to prove His existence,” but apparently I did. So, thanks!

~ P.L.

You have one of the coolest logic sites I have ever seen!

~ D.

Hello, I put a link off the page I built for my church site to yours. Is that OK? This is is best site I have found for giving proof, and I wish that everyone that is capable of thought would read it one time!

~ B.H.

I visited (the site) and was impressed (very impressed I must add) at the simplicity and profound way you presented the Transcendental Argument in an interactive format!

~ J.L.

Your website is EXCELLENT. I love it!

~ D.S.

I love your website and I’m going to tell my younger atheist brother about it.

~ A.D.

I heard the Gene Cook MP3 this weekend. Both my wife and I were thoroughly encouraged by your interview. The website looks to be good and promising. I hope to see it improved upon as you add to it.

~ F.B.

Wonderful site. Thank you.

~ B.M.

Let me congratulate you on your excellent web site! I think (or I’m sure!) Dr. Bahnsen would have loved it, you are truly taking the method of Van Til and making it ‘user-friendly’. I loved the way you ‘boiled’ the approach down and challenged the unbeliever at every point, also on your excellent use of Scripture and Transcendental argumentation. Loved it!Wonderful site. Thank you.

~ S.M.

Great web site!

~ J.T.

I think you’re site does a great job in it’s interactive approach and boiling all the philosophic-speak into terms anybody can understand.

~ W.G.

You should stay single, bro. If you get married, you’re interests will be divided, and you won’t have time to make up cool websites like yours.

~ T.C.

Thanks for your well thought-out and systematic approach to presuppositional apologetics. Breaking it down to 8 steps is simple and memorable.

~ C.H.

It’s a very good website.

~ Edwin Kagin, National Legal Director, American Atheists Inc. on “The Narrow Mind” with Gene Cook, November 29, 2006.