Apologia Radio

Sye joined Jeff Durbin and Luke Pierson on Apologia Radio on April 5, 2013. They were joined by atheist André for the last half of the show, then talked for about half an hour after the show. Click here for the audio!

“Unbelievable” Debates

Round 1: First debate between Sye Ten Bruggencate and atheist Paul Baird on U.K. radio, from July 31, 2010. Click here for the audio!

~ “(This) I must say is the most one sided debate I’ve ever heard against an atheist” ~ C.R.

~ “This was the best presentation and use of biblical/presuppositional apologetics I’ve ever heard.” ~ D.S.

Round 2: Second debate between Sye Ten Bruggencate and atheist Paul Baird on U.K. radio, from March 19, 2011.
Click here for the audio.

~ “I found this exchange to be…wonderful. On every level. Well done. Well presented. I look forward to hearing it again.” ~ T.P

Round 3: Third debate between Sye Ten Bruggencate and atheist Paul Baird from June 29, 2011 on the “Creation Today” show.

All 3 rounds with a bonus DVD can be purchased here.

Round 4: Eric Hovind and Sye were impromptu guests on Paul Baird’s podcast (with Paul Jenkins and Paul Thompson). (Sye jumps in at around the 16 minute mark). From July 11, 2011.

Skype Discussions

Skype discussion with a young atheist. Probably the most honest atheist Sye has yet engaged. Recorded and posted with the young man’s permission.

Call 1 of 3: Length – 1:09:56

Call 2 of 3: Length – 1:16:56

Call 3 of 3 (first half): Length – 51:51. Pastor Dustin Segers joins us.

Call 3 of 3 (second half): Length – 48:01

Dutch: Sye engages a professed atheist from The Netherlands in this short Skype discussion from January 1, 2013. Length – 13:02

Presupp is Reformed: Sye engages a professed Christian after a facebook comment where the professed Christian used the argument: “No one dies for what they know to be a lie.” The discussion turns to Reformed Theology. Length – 1:09:16

Download Mp3

Open Air Discussions

Sye spends an hour engaging an atheistic philosophy student at his university campus in the eastern U.S.
Length: 58:42

50 minutes with Jesse. Sye Joins a conversation his friend Jeff was having with Jesse. *note the Prime Minister of the UK is DAVID (not James) Cameron. From July 18, 2014.
Length: 50:16


Interaction with atheists Daniel Mathers and Andrew Schulte on their podcast from May 19, 2012.
Length – 1:24:29

Bonus: Skype discussion with Daniel Mathers a few months after the podcast from September 11, 2012.
Length – 2:07:59

Exchange with Justin Schieber: Sye had a discussion with atheist Justin Schieber on Justin’s podcast – July 11, 2011. This exchange made it into Jamin Hubner’s book “The Portable Presuppositionalist” (Chapter 7) available here. Hubner stated: “I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more sorry for a skeptic of Christianity since the Bahnsen vs. Stein debate.”
Length: 53:59

Sye’s 1st recorded encounter with a professed atheist: Sye engaged Henrique Couto on his podcast “The Freak Forum” May 12 , 2007.
Length: 108:05

The Narrow Mind

Sye’s First Ever Podcast Interview: Sye joined his mentor Gene Cook Jr. on Gene’s podcast “The Narrow Mind” June 20, 2006.
Length: 118:47

Sye’s 2nd Appearance on “The Narrow Mind”: Sye joined Gene for a second time on Gene’s podcast September 20, 2006.
Length: 119:44

Sye’s 3rd Appearance on “The Narrow Mind”: Sye joined Gene and cohost Jonathan Goundry with atheist guest Josh Singer 1, 2008.
Length: 103:36

Alex and Jim

Round 1: Sye Ten Bruggencate and Eric Hovind on “Creation Today,” with professed atheists Alex Botten and Jim Gardner Sept. 30, 2011:
Length: 134:05

Round 2: Sye Ten Bruggencate and Pastor Dustin Segers with professed atheists Alex Botten and Jim Gardner on the “Fundamentally Flawed” podcast. Oct. 15, 2011.
Length: 2:29:11

Round 3: Sye with professed atheist Alex Botten on the “Fundamentally Flawed” podcast. Oct. 24, 2011.
Length: 1:03:29

More Radio

Sye was a guest on a Temple University Radio Show. September 14, 2012.
Length: 39:58

Radio Interview with Eric Hovind: Sye joined Eric Hovind for a radio interview while they were visiting Oklahoma. – June 29, 2011
Length: 53:59